How to Start a New Construction Cleaning Business

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If you are in great shape and not afraid of heights, have a cheerful attitude, an eye for detail, and are dependable, then starting a new construction cleaning business may be right for you. There is big money to be made in this industry. Read the steps below to find out how to start and operate a new construction cleaning business from home.

Get Started

Fill out business license forms as required by federal, state and city offices.

Get bonded and insured. Shop around.

Visit the OSHA website to read safety regulations pertaining to your business.

Generate per square foot price. Be flexible.

Get leads from your city and county new construction permit office or visit construction sites and ask for the person in charge.

Look in the yellow pages for construction companies in your area and leave them your business card and price information.

Join an online prepaid legal service for help with contract and bid forms.

Leave customers both a bid and contract. This will save you a trip.

Clean a New Construction Home

Start by cleaning the windows both inside and out. Remove all sticker labels. Use a shop vac to vacuum window tracks, wiping errant drips off the window tracks, window frames and window sills as you go.

Remove all drawers from furniture, then vacuum sawdust and dirt from all cupboards, drawers and spaces beneath drawers. Don't miss anything.

Use a bucket filled with cleaning solution and wash cloths to wipe down every surface of the house. Don´t forget to get the tops of doors, the molding and trim. Rinse wash cloths and change water as needed.

Sanitize and remove labels from showers, tubs, basins and toilets using a soft scrub brush and cleaning solution. For stubborn labels try using acetone and a plastic putty knife first. Otherwise try lacquer thinner, methyl alcohol or as a last resort, toluol. Rinse, then polish, all porcelain surfaces and chrome fixtures until sparkling. Clean mirrors last.

Mop, then dry bathroom floors to leave a lustrous shine.

Wipe and polish all appliances, fixtures and counter tops. Use stainless-steel-spray-cleaner on stainless surfaces. Don´t use ammonia products that leave streaks on stainless steel and marble. Read labels when in doubt.

Vacuum all carpets, using the hose attachment along wall edges and baseboards, and wipe micro-dust off all electrical outlet covers.

Dust chandeliers and light fixtures using a lambswool duster. Be extra careful. Use a shop vac to vacuum the insides of sconce-type lights

Clean all thresholds.

Save hardwood floors for last. Mop when leaving the room to avoid scuff marks. Put a few drops of lemon oil in a bucket of water and wring mop almost dry to leave a lustrous sheen every time.

Don´t forget to sweep or vacuum the garage if included in the bid. Dust and wipe the water heater and any other dusty surface.

Leave a little calling card as a token of your appreciation. It can be anything decorative--like a vase with a single rose or small basket of flowers or candle--and you can use it to put your business card on.


Wear rubber gloves. Carry a dust mask and ear plugs with you at all times as required by OSHA.


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