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How to Start a Children's Play Place

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A children’s play space is a great business. Many parents are looking for places to take their children to play on a rainy day. They may also want other options for those hot summer days and cold winter months. Parents want a clean, safe environment where they can watch their kids with ease and relax while doing it.

Choose the type of play space that you want to offer to your customers. You may want to focus on a tumbling type of space or one that allows for more parent interaction and creative play from the children. When you choose a model, choose the one that you are most passionate about, since you will need to be able to promote it.

Check state regulations for children’s play spaces. These will vary from state to state. You should also apply for a business license and find out what you will need to do to open the business in your city. This generally requires an inspection once you are ready to open. You may need to schedule the inspection several weeks in advance.

Find a place to open your play space. You should look for something with ample parking and that is easy for parents and children to reach. Many parents who come will have young children and they will want the access to be as easy as possible. As you look at each space check for security options and the possible ways you could lay out the equipment you want to include in your play space.

Set up your play space according to your plan. Be sure to plan for ways to prevent child abduction. You should have an entrance from which parents and children enter and leave. Cameras and television screens that the parents can watch their children on will help with safety as well. A place for parents to sit and watch is another great addition, as well as offering a snack bar.

Hire employees to staff the play space. When you are hiring people to work directly with children it is a good idea to run background checks on each employee. You should also have the correct forms so that you can do payroll.

Open the doors with a party. Inviting the public in the first week at a reduced rate can help build your business. Advertising and coupons are good ideas in the beginning as well.


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