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How to Shield Your Cubicle From Overhead Lights

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Cool white fluorescent lights are the most common overhead lighting choice in both industry and commerce. They represent a cost-effective, efficient and long-lasting solution. However, cool white light intensifies glare, which in an open-office environment or cube farm creates an unpleasant work environment. Although Occupational Safety and Health Administration lighting guidelines address some issues pertaining to overhead lights, they don’t go far enough for some workers. If turning overheads lights off or moving to another cubicle isn’t possible, there are other ways shield your cubicle from overhead lights.

Cover the area just above your workstation with a removable roof to block a portion of overhead lights. Purchase a roof that attaches to the top of cubicle walls or build your own.

Cover overhead fixtures with plastic or acrylic caps, called diffusers, to reduce glare. Although capping overhead lights won’t completely shield your cubicle, this will spread out and color-correct fluorescent lamps to more closely resembles full-spectrum sunlight.

Remove the two middle bulbs of a standard four-bulb fluorescent light. According to OSHA, this is a good alternative to reduce brightness to levels more compatible with computer tasks if diffusers are not available.


A matte desktop will eliminate additional glare.