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How to Reprint a Settlement Paper on Hypercom

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Hypercom is a brand of credit card machine that merchants use to process debit and credit card transactions. Although Hypercom machines generally perform the same functions, some models such as the T7 Plus, feature a printer for functions such as printing transaction receipts and settlement reports. Merchants print daily settlement reports to close out end-of-day batches. The report gives a total of daily transactions, such as sales and refunds. If you need an additional settlement report, you can reprint a copy of the report by following these basic instructions.

Locate and press the "Settle" or "Settlement" button on the keypad of the Hypercom machine.

Enter your password and press the "Enter" button. Review the sales amount total on the display screen and press "Yes" to confirm the amount. If the total is inaccurate, press "No" to clear the machine. Determine and re-enter the missing sales before running the settlement process again.

Review the total refund amount on the screen and press "Yes" to confirm the amount. Determine any missing refunds, re-enter the refunds and run the settlement process again.

Wait for the terminal to print the settlement report of all fees and card totals for the current batch.


Determine your missing sales and refunds by pressing "Reports." Press number 3 to run an audit report for a detailed breakdown of all transactions.


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