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How to Repair a Coin Changer

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Coin changers come in many types, converting bills to coins. Coin changers are common in places such as an arcade, where coins are used to play the games. When a coin changing machine malfunctions, someone needs to make repairs to fix or correct the problem. If you want to do it yourself, coin changers work on the machine by cleaning the unit and clearing any jam in the dispensing area.

Clean It

Unplug the power cord for the coin changer from the electrical outlet. Open the outside case to gain access to the coin changer unit and open the acceptor lid.

Dampen a cloth and add a drop or two of dish soap. Wipe off the groove, coin ramp and lid areas of the coin changer unit.

Examine the area of the accept gate that is below the lid and verify that it is free of debris that can cause jamming. Clean the accept gate area with the damp cloth if it is dirty.

Close the acceptor lid and the plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet. Turn the coin changer on and run a test to see if it is working correctly.

Clear a Jam

Open the outside case of the machine and then remove the tube cassette near the bottom of the coin changer. Remove any jammed coins in the cassette.

Examine each tube in the cassette and make sure that the coin on the bottom is not bent or deformed. A coin that is bent or deformed will cause the dispenser to jam again.

Press any blue key option switch to cycle all of the dispenser arms. Cycling the dispenser arms will clear any error codes that are flashing.

Insert the tube cassette back into the changer and then close the outside case. Test the machine to make sure the jam has cleared.


Call for service if you are unable to fix the error or problem with the coin changer yourself.


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