How to Put Together a Cardboard Box

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When packing for a big move, you are likely to need a great number of cardboard boxes. While you can recycle existing boxes from large items you have bought or ask a local grocery store or liquor store for its spares, you may end up resorting to purchasing manufactured cardboard boxes. This type of box is sold flat, and must be correctly folded and taped in order to become a functional box.

The flattened box has two sides that are folded and two that are not. Separate the pieces of cardboard on a side without a fold, opening the cardboard until the sides are parallel with one another.

You should now have a tube in the shape of a square or rectangle. Set the tube on the ground with an open side down.

The top of the box is now made up of four separate flaps. If your box is a rectangle, two of these flaps will be smaller than the others. Fold the smaller flaps in toward the middle of the tube, stopping when they form a 90 degree angle with the side of the box. If your box is square with flaps that are all the same size, fold down two flaps that are opposite one another.

Fold the remaining two flaps down over the first set until the edges meet. Hold them in place.

Using the packing tape, tape along the line where the flaps meet so that the edges are secured. If the box will contain especially heavy items, you may want to add additional lines of tape for more strength.

Turn the box over so that the closed end is on the ground and the open end faces up. Place your desired items inside the box, then repeat Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 to close the box top.

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