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How to Obtain a Landscaping Spray License in Ohio

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Residential and commercial landscaping can be a profitable business. Lawns need routine maintenance to stay healthy and look vibrant, which is where a landscaping spray business comes in. Landscaping professionals apply pesticides and other chemicals to help keep a lawn looking its best. Many states, including Ohio, require any landscaper to be licensed before he can work on any properties due to the potentially hazardous nature of the chemicals used in landscaping spray.

Complete a Pesticide Regulation License application. You can find the license application on the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website and print one out. Complete every form on the application.

Use a check or money order to pay the annual fee of $35.

Mail the annual fee and the completed application to: Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Plant Industry 8995 East Main Street Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Study the provided training materials. The Ohio Department of Agriculture sends study materials to all new applicants.

Attend the Pesticide Safety Education course. Register for the course online at the Pesticide Safety Education site or by calling 614-292-4070.

Schedule your exam. You can complete the registration questionnaire at the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website, setting the date and time for the in-person exam.

Take the exam. Applicants must pass the exam to receive their landscaping spray license.

If you don't pass the exam, retake it.


Study the provided examine materials thoroughly.


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