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How to Make a Living Farming One Acre

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It is possible to make a living farming on even the smallest plots of land, even one acre, by setting up a CSA, or a community supported agriculture program. With a CSA program, you have customers pay up front for a share of your farm, collecting their produce throughout the growing season. This will allow you to sell your fresh crops within your community and develop a personal relationship with your customers.

Create a business plan by considering the details in how you want to run your CSA program.

Create a website to showcase your crops and the details of your CSA program.

Attract customers by advertising your CSA program in local newspapers.

Plan, grow and harvest your crops.

Notify your customers, via e-mail, of a meeting place and times when they can pick up their share of the crops.


Due to your limited growing space, limit your choice of crops to just one or two, selling several different varieties of the same fruits, vegetables or flowers.

Think about a market niche that needs to be filled locally. Popular niches may include organic produce, heirloom vegetables, gourmet food crops, herbs or ornamental cut flowers.

Contact local business owners who may have a need for your crops, such as restaurants, artisans, or produce stand owners.

Offer a newsletter sign-up link on your website to keep in touch with your customers and notify them of harvest times.


Don't overextend yourself; find a group of local customers and limit the number of people who can subscribe to make sure there is enough to go around.