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How to Load a Ricoh Copier Staple Cartridge

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Ricoh includes automatic staplers on some of its copier models. Ricoh's staplers are also known as finishers and can punch holes and collate documents as well as stapling them, making these models capable of doing several jobs. Though Ricoh makes several copier models, the procedure for replacing staples on those with a finisher is the same.

Open the door (the large one on the front) of the finisher unit on your Ricoh copier and slide the finisher unit out of the door.

Remove the staple cartridge, a clear box with the green tab to the right of the finisher unit at the bottom. Pull the green tab down to remove it from the unit.

Hold the cartridge so the green tab is aligned horizontally at the top. Press the sides of the bottom of the cartridge to allow the springed top of the cartridge to go up. Pull the empty box out of the front of the cartridge under the green tab.

Slide the Ricoh refill box into the front of the cartridge by holding it so the arrows point toward the back of the cartridge, then push it in. Press the springed top of the cartridge down to fasten it in place. Remove the ribbon from the refill box under the green tab so the staple sheets are no longer fastened down.

Press the cartridge back into the finisher by holding it with the green tab facing down and pushing it in until you hear it click. Slide the finisher unit back into the copier and close the finisher door.


An error message on the copier's touch screen tells you when the finisher is out of staples. To check manually, remove the staple cartridge and look at the gap in the box under the green tab where you can see the staple sheets.

If you remove a refill box before you are out of staples, stack the staple sheets neatly in the box and put it back into the cartridge. As long as the springed top fits down over the staple sheets, they are oriented correctly. Remove any staple sheets that do not fit correctly in the box.


Use staples designed specifically for Ricoh copiers, as other types of staples may jam or damage the finisher unit.


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