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How to List Babysitting Experience as Volunteer Work on a Resume

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Creating a resume when you have little experience in salaried job positions can be challenging. However, it's possible to present volunteer work on your resume to demonstrate your responsibility and other positive attributes to an employer. If you have babysitting experience and were not paid for your services, you can list it as volunteer work on your resume.

Place your volunteer babysitting experience in your “Work Experience” section if it's the only volunteer experience you're including on your resume. If you're listing other volunteer positions, create a separate “Volunteer Experience” section.

Write your job title, the dates during which you held the babysitting position, and the location (city/state). Rather than using “babysitter,” consider a more professional-sounding title, such as, “child care provider.” For example: “Child Care Worker: May 2010 - July 2010, Chicago, IL.”

Write a list of three to five duties or responsibilities beneath your babysitting title. Begin each statement with a strong action verb, such as “prepared” or “maintained.” Avoid using first person (“I”) and keep each statement concise. For example: “prepared lunches daily” or “led nature walk activities.” Include the age range of the children you babysat in your description.


If you're struggling with ideas to include as responsibilities, brainstorm a list and write down everything you did during your time as a babysitter, such as changing diapers, helping with homework or playing games. Consider each duty from the perspective of an employer and word your statements to appeal to what he's looking for. For example, if you babysat two siblings you likely broke up a few fights. On your resume, indicate this as, “resolved conflict situations,” a phrase more likely to catch an employer’s eye.