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How to Learn Home Fish Farming

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Fish farming is a method of raising fish rather than going out and catching wild fish. Whether planning to start a fish farm at home for personal use only or planning to start a business of raising fish and selling them to various markets, learning the basics of fish farming is vital.

Research the state laws regarding fish farming. Every state is different and will have different requirements. Some states might not allow fish farming while others require a license to farm fish.

Pick a type of fish to learn about raising. Every fish species requires different care methods for optimal growth and health.

Research the specific fish. Almost any fish can be farmed, but every fish has its own specific needs. When learning fish farming, start with the most basic key point of what type of water the fish needs, appropriate water temperatures and foods the fish eats.

Read about methods of fish farming in the home. There are various methods of fish farming and information is available at websites like the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Methods might include fish tanks or raising fish in a pond.

Read about aquaculture. Aquaculture contains information about fish farming and the raising of plants in an aquatic environment. Websites like Northern Aqua Farm have a wealth of information available about aquaculture in general and as it relates to fish farming and the farming industry.

Research the business aspects of fish farming. Fish farming is not about just the breeding of fish, but also about the selling of fish. While it is possible to raise fish for personal use alone, fish farming is also a business option.

Read about breeding methods for the specific fish. Breeding differs between fish, but usually starting a fish farm with one male to every five or six females will result in a rapidly growing fish farm. Some fish will breed quicker than other fish, so find out whether the fish is a fast breeding species or only breeds once a year. Fish like tilapia breed quickly, so the farm grows quickly.