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How to Fix a Cartridge Missing Error on a Lexmark Printer

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Lexmark is a popular brand of printer for home and business use. These printers are generally inexpensive and reliable. However, there is a chance that your Lexmark will give you a cartridge error message. Usually this is due to a cartridge becoming unseated from its correct position. By reseating the cartridges you can convince the printer that the cartridges are present and remove the error.

Turn on your Lexmark printer. Access your printer cartridges inside of your printer; how to do this specifically will vary from model to model.

Pull the cartridges loose from where they are secured and remove them from the printer. Close the area where the cartridges go in the reverse manner of how you opened it.

Turn the printer off and then back on. Access the cartridge area again. Firmly reseat the cartridges in the proper position, ensuring that the electrical connectors on both the printer and the cartridge are making good contact.

Close the cartridge area. Allow the printer to check for cartridges; the error should be gone.


If the error returns after completing this procedure, you have defective or incorrect cartridges or your printer is experiencing a hardware error and you will need to contact Lexmark.


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