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How to Dissolve Fiberglass

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Fiberglass is used in a wide range of products, from shower stalls to gas tanks and car bodies. Knowing how to dissolve fiberglass is important as well as knowing how to prevent a fiberglass product from being destroyed. Fiberglass is made from actual fibers of glass mixed with a resin binding agent. Dissolving fiberglass involves dissolving the resins and binding agents and not the glass particles themselves. Once the resin and other binding agents are dissolved the fiberglass itself fails.

Sand the surface of your fiberglass to remove any protective gel coating. A quick sanding with 100-grit paper will be sufficient. Wear a breathing mask, eye protection, gloves and long sleeves when sanding fiberglass.

Place the sanded fiberglass in a metal tank.

Cover the fiberglass with denatured alcohol. Buy the highest percentage of ethanol you can. The highest grade sold is 99% ethanol.

Cover the metal tank and allow the fiberglass to soak in the ethanol for 24 hours. If the fiberglass has not disintegrated after 24 hours empty the tank and fill it with fresh denatured alcohol. Allow the fiberglass to soak for an additional 24 hours.


Always wear a breathing mask and eye protection when sanding fiberglass. Do not drink denatured alcohol--even a small amount can be deadly.


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