How to Decline a Job Interview if No Longer Interested

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When you submit many job applications at the same time, you could get multiple interview requests. In some cases, you might decline an interview rather than going through with it. This might be the case if you already have accepted a position elsewhere or if, after considering the position, you decided that it does not fit well with you. Your goals when declining an interview are to clearly state your intent to withdraw your job application and to be courteous and professional to preserve your reputation in case you interact with this employer again in the future.

By Phone

Return a phone message requesting an interview with a phone call within 24 hours. If you pick up the phone when the interviewer calls, you can just decline the interview on the spot.

Thank the person for selecting you to interview. Mention that you are flattered to have been chosen from among the applicants.

State that you are not interested in an interview at this time. If you like you can give a reason, but you are under no obligation to do so.

Thank the person again for any interactions you have had so far. This is especially important if you have met in person before or have communicated back and forth by phone or email. If there are any specific positive aspects about the company that stood out to you, mention those.

By Letter

Type your mailing address at the top left corner of a word processing document.

Type the company's name and mailing address below your address.

Type the date on which you are sending the letter.

Type a greeting to the person who requested the interview.

Write one to two paragraphs to decline the job interview and thank the person for considering your application. Use the tips from the phone method to help develop your content.

Type "Sincerely," skip about four lines and type your name.

Print the letter on high-quality paper, such as resume paper. Sign between "Sincerely" and your typed name.


Do not waste your and the employer's time by accepting a job interview when you are not interested in the position. If you would not take the position if it were offered to you, you should not accept an interview.