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How to Bid on Office Cleaning Jobs

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Once you decide on the geographical range that your business can sustain, it is time to research the competition. Call other cleaning services in the vicinity to find out how much they charge for the same services you would like to offer. Check out state and municipal bidding rules to find out what percentage of bids are required to go to women or minority-owned businesses. Fill out and file all the necessary paperwork, be aware of deadlines and hope for positive results.

Investigate state agencies and municipal entities to discover when bids are accepted for their office cleaning jobs. These bids are usually done only annually, so if you miss this year, you can plan for the next. Call or visit local businesses of interest to you to find out what processes they require for bids. Check for any licensing or regulatory requirements to be sure your business meets them.

Obtain any documentation and instructions for bidding on office cleaning. Documentation should include the specific work required, all filing requirements and any particulars for the entire bidding process. Find out the acceptable formats and methods of submission, such as fax, email or mail. Be sure you have a contact person, in case you have questions while you are filling out forms.

Research the competition. Call or visit cleaning services to get their prices for office cleaning services. Request prices for each specific cleaning task. Ask if they offer discounts when several services are purchased together. Find out if other companies use environmentally-friendly products. Gathering information about price structures and products can help you decide what prices and products to use and how you’re going to market them.

Calculate the cost of all supplies and equipment the bid job will require. Add other expenses such as employee wages, Social Security deductions, business insurance and bonds, administrative costs and transportation. Prepare a total figure that reflects all your services over the entire length of the bid period.

Fill out the bid forms completely. Give accurate figures and supply your updated contact information. Provide any applicable supplemental documents. Keep copies of all completed forms and documents for your records.

Submit all bid paperwork before the filing deadlines. Find out how bid award notifications are made and await word.


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