How to Bid for a Home Improvement Job

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As a general handyman, you may be requested to bid on jobs that are beyond the scope of building a deck or shed. For instance, remodeling a kitchen or installing replacement windows or a new roof requires the pricing of supplies and labor costs. When bidding on a home improvement job, the more details you can give the homeowner regarding the required supplies and labor costs, the more assured the homeowner is of your knowledge of the overall job.

Set up an appointment with the homeowner to inspect the job and to find out how they desire the improvement to be handled. Write down specifications the job entails and a list of supplies. Tell the homeowner you will hand deliver a detailed bid as soon as possible.

List materials and their cost. Once you have totaled the cost of the supplies, figure up the time involved in completing the job. You may figure the time involved as an hourly wage, or take the total of the supplies and add the same amount as labor costs. It is up to you how to figure your time and labor.

Type the bid. Make separate columns for the supplies and their cost. Type in the labor cost at the end and total the complete bid. Place the bid in a sealed envelope and present it to the homeowner as soon as you can as you do not want to keep the homeowner waiting.


Try to present the bid to the homeowner within 2 to 3 days of viewing the home improvement project.


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