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How to Become an Online Promoter

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The Internet offers a quick way to start a business to anyone with the motivation. People are turning to the Internet with that purpose in mind. Because of its inexpensive start-up costs, less risk is involved when starting an online business than when developing a traditional business offline. Internet marketing, or online promoting, is one way to get started online and it doesn’t require a website to get your business going.

Conduct research to find out what sells online and sign up as an affiliate. Navigate to a website that offers a variety of products for sale online and affiliate commissions for referrals such as, Clickbank, Commission Junction or LinkShare.

Set up an online payment account with a third-party vendor in accordance with the affiliate company’s requirements. This will allow you to receive commission payments on purchases consumers make.

Review categories for bestselling items to determine a marketing niche at one of the online websites in Step 1.

Select a marketing niche and a product with which you are knowledgeable and feel comfortable promoting from those that receive a lot of activity from the research conducted in the previous step.

Develop a list of keywords buyers might use to find these products online. Conduct research using free online keyword tools such as Google's External Keyword Tool, SEO Keyword or WordTracker's free keyword tool. Choose words that receive at least 1,000 searches a month but don't have competing pages over 100,000. To determine the number of competing pages, enclose the keyword in quotes and submit it to the search engine of choice. Note the number of pages that appear beneath the search term in small type. It will say something similar to "Pages 1-20 of 100,000." Discard the keyword for searches the result in more than 100,000 competitive pages. Save this list to a spreadsheet, complete with the number of searches conducted each month and the number of competing pages.

Navigate to any one of the free sites such as Weebly, Blogger, Squidoo, Hubpages or more and create a free account to develop Web pages.

Create keyword-rich content that offers information about the product or focuses on specific buyer keywords on your free Web page.

Insert links in the page’s content following the site’s policy for referrals that include your affiliate identification. Users interested in finding out more can click on the in-text links.

Write multiple articles using buyer keywords in the title and article text that appeal to a reader’s pain or pleasure points that coincide with the product’s solution to either. Write original content for each different set of keywords – from five to 10 articles.

Submit the original content to article directories that allow links to your free Web page in an “Author’s Resource” box. Such article directories might include Ezine Articles, Go Articles or Articles Base.

Find blogs along similar themes that allow comments. Review the blog and add relevant comments to the topic (otherwise it will be viewed as spam) and include a link to your Web page in the field provided.

Bookmark your created Web pages using free bookmarking services online such as Digg, Stumble Upon and Only Wire to receive more page views. This increases backlinks to your site and raises its relevancy in the eyes of the major search engines.

Evaluate the results of your efforts after approximately two to three weeks. Transfer deposits made to your bank account for affiliate commissions on product sales made.


If you find that your efforts are not working, you need to review the keywords chosen. Buyer keywords refer to those words used in searches to find the product the consumer desires. These often include the product name or the solution the product gives them, such as "X-Y-Z golf club," or "How to Avoid a Left Slice." Many people purchase ebooks online that offer up solutions to problems they may be experiencing. When you find a product that sells, consider purchasing a keyword-rich domain name and Web hosting to develop your own "niche" website for online promotion.


Internet marketing and online promotions change with the evolution of the Internet, search engine algorithms and other factors. With the Internet and no up-front costs -- if something does not work, evaluate why it may not be working and adjust your Web pages accordingly.


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