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How to Become an Etiquette Teacher

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Masters of etiquette know the proper way to behave in any situation, even unusual or difficult ones. If you have the expertise to navigate through social settings with ease, teaching etiquette may be a wise choice. By working as an etiquette teacher, you can help others improve their abilities to interact without risking offense, and serve as appropriate and polite members of society.

Read up on etiquette procedures. As an etiquette teacher, you should be a master of all things prim and proper. Start building your etiquette-related knowledge by reading etiquette books to improve your understanding of the topic.

Seek formal training. While there is no official certification required of etiquette teachers, you seem a more believable authority if you have some formal training in the topic. Take courses in this subject at an established etiquette school, like those listed in the resources section. As you do, you will not only improve your etiquette skills, but also work toward a credential that will specifically qualify you to teach etiquette.

Market yourself to potentially interested parties. Contact local social organizations, such as the Girl Scouts of America or area schools, and offer your services as an etiquette teacher. If there is a school in your area that specializes in etiquette, apply to work in this educational institution, highlighting the credentials that qualify you to do so.

Establish your own etiquette school. While decidedly more difficult than working for an established organization, some find success establishing their own etiquette training programs. If you have an entrepreneurial drive, rent a space and create your own etiquette training school.

Practice proper etiquette to prove your appropriateness. As an etiquette teacher, you should embody proper social practices. Particularly when establishing yourself in the industry, practicing what you preach is necessary.


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