How to Become a Teacher for the Visually Impaired

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Teachers of the visually impaired teach students with varying degrees of visual impairment and those with total blindness. These teachers may provide Braille instruction, teach students to use assistive technology and support students in their endeavors to become as independent as possible. College programs for teachers of the visually impaired are limited, but some do offer online coursework for those who do not live near a college offering such programs.

Visit your state department of education website to find visually impaired teacher certification requirements. If information is not readily available, call the state department of education to inquire further.

Complete either a bachelor's degree in education with a visually impaired emphasis or complete an education degree and then pursue a master's degree specializing in the teaching of those with visual impairments.

Volunteer to work with visually impaired children while completing certification requirements in order to gain valuable experience.

Apply for a teacher's certificate or license with an endorsement in visually impaired instruction.

Apply for jobs at local school districts and at specialized schools for the blind.