How to Become a Social Media Manager

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Social media managers help companies transition into the modern way of doing business, forming relationships with clients or customers and marketing the company. Social media is a relatively new business function, and many people who have become experts in social media are self taught. People interested in social media management can learn through webinars, college courses or books. Becoming a social media manager might be a natural fit from someone with a technology, marketing or corporate relations background.

Take a social media course or "boot camp" that teaches best practices on how to use social sites such as Facebook and Google-plus, blogging, email marketing campaigns and Twitter. Several companies offer the boot camps in different locations throughout the country. Social media courses are offered by some colleges and universities, especially in their adult education courses.

Maintain social media sites for yourself or someone else, such as a company or nonprofit organization, to demonstrate your abilities. This would include building a profile you could use on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In profiles and updating information on those sites.

Create, post and update a blog either for yourself or someone else to demonstrate your ability to write and maintain a blog. Include keywords and photos in the blog that will help your audience find the blog on search engines using Search Engine Optimization.

Take a course or even a degree program in marketing, journalism or similar discipline at a local college. Social media is an important piece of the marketing campaign and a social media manager has to understand how the social media efforts are integrated into the company's marketing campaign so that the company's message remains consistent through all marketing efforts.


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