How to Become a Realtor in Minnesota

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Becoming a realtor is a great career move. You gain the ability to set your own schedule and have uncapped earning potential. Making this career move can provide many rewards. But you will need to invest your time and have a dedicated commitment to make a smooth transition. Here’s how to become a realtor in Minnesota.

Complete pre-licensing requirement. The state of Minnesota requires realtors to complete 90 hours of pre-licensing education. You can contact the state of Minnesota (see Resources below) to obtain a list of recommended pre-licensing courses.

Study for the test. Although taking a pre-licensing course will provide you with the tools needed, studying will assist in passing the first time.

Schedule your exam. Contact the State of Minnesota’s Real Estate Board (see Resources below) to schedule time to sit for the real estate exam.

Complete the licensing application. Once you have passed the state test, you are ready to file an application for licensure. File this document as soon as you receive confirmation that you passed the test to expedite the process.

Find a broker. As a new realtor, it’s often easier to practice under a broker. This will give you the foundation needed to launch your new business. Interview several local brokers and choose the one best suited for you.


Maximize word of mouth. Once you complete a successful sale ask your clients to recommend you to friends and family. Follow up with a postcard quarterly to keep your name in front of clients.


Spend time marketing your services. Invest a lot of time in this area and your business will begin to flourish over time.