How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Oregon

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Obtaining a real estate license in Oregon is similar to other states in the country. Applicants must pass both a background and a written test. Unlike some states, Oregon does not require an applicant to have practiced at a lower level before receiving a real estate broker's license. The only type of real estate license available in Oregon is a broker's license.

Check to see if your state has a reciprocal license agreement regarding real estate licenses with Oregon. If you have a real estate broker's license in states such as Alabama, Colorado, Missouri or Wyoming (just to name a few), you may be able to practice as a real estate broker in Oregon. You must have a real estate broker license though, as Oregon does not recognize a real estate salesperson's license.

Check your financial background. Someone who has filed for bankruptcy, is behind on child support, or had a license in another area of business suspended is not eligible for a real estate license in Oregon.

Examine your professional background. Criminal convictions or excessive involvement in civil lawsuits could result in a real estate license in Oregon being denied.

Take the national portion of Oregon's real estate license exam (see Resources below). This involves answering 150 questions in a 3-hour period based on national real estate topics.

Complete the portion of the real estate licensing exam that is specific to Oregon. This is 50 questions, and must be completed within 2 hours.

Obtain your license. If you pass your tests and background checks you may obtain your Oregon real estate license.


Credibility is extremely important in becoming a real estate broker in Oregon. If your background has some flaws in it, check with Oregon's Real Estate Agency before taking the test so you don't waste your money if you find out your background issues would disqualify you from getting a license.


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