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How to Become a High-Rise Window Cleaner

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A skyscraper window washer has an exciting and exhilarating job that offers an unbeatable city view. The pay is higher than many other labor jobs, due to the demand for clean windows on office plazas and the hazardous nature of the work. Training is necessary for instruction in using high-rise cleaning equipment operations and employee safety practices. Certification is available through an international agency that offers memberships tailored to window-cleaning businesses of various sizes.

Look up advertisements posted by high-rise window cleaning companies that serve city plazas in your area on the Internet and in the local telephone book. Some skyscraper window washer job applications are posted on the websites of the companies who run the buildings.

Apply for a position as a window washer with every company that serves your city. Ask about paid training for window washer jobs involving high-rise equipment.

Take training courses in using high-rise cleaning equipment and window washer safety at your own expense if you are unable to get an employer to pay for your training. Reapply with the companies that denied your previous application for lack of training.

Prepare to work non-traditional hours as a window washer while weather permits. Work often begins in early mornings just after sunrise. Hang scaffolds or swing chairs and climb through a window to board the support with cleaning solution, cloths and a squeegee to clean the outer glass surfaces. Crews may use bad weather days to perform inspections and maintenance on scaffolding, swing chairs and belts. Some cleaning companies also do indoor mirror and glass washing and janitorial services for their customers after offices close in the evening.

Accept the starting pay offered by your first employer, especially if that employer is training you on the job. Window washers earn between $10 and $25 per hour, with the median being around $19,000 a year. As you gain experience you may become eligible for a raise on your current job, or negotiate a higher salary with a new employer.


Continue to apply for skyscraper window washer jobs until you are hired for the position. An employer may decide to hire hire you simply because of your perseverance.

Perform as an exemplary employee once you are hired by arriving early and eagerly following directions in order to protect your position.


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