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How to Become a Doctor of Naturopathy Online

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If you are interested in natural health and natural living, you may find naturopathy to be an exciting career. Traditionally, naturopaths help clients by looking at the whole person instead of just their symptoms. For example, instead of treating a cough by suppressing it, a naturopath would look at many factors to determine why you are coughing in the first place. Becoming a Doctor of Naturopathy can take many forms, depending on your philosophy of health.

Research the different types of naturopathy. A traditional naturopath is not a medical professional. This type of naturopath is an educator who helps inform people of lifestyle changes that may improve their health. There is no specific schooling required to become a traditional naturopath, and these practitioners are not licensed. Naturopathic physicians consider themselves to be medical professionals. These practitioners have attended one of the six accredited naturopathic schools, and they are eligible for licensure in 13 states. You cannot become a naturopathic physician by taking online courses.

Decide on a school. There are many distance schools that will grant you a doctorate degree in naturopathy. University of Natural Medicine and Trinity School of Natural Health are two popular choices. The school you choose will depend on your educational background, your financial situation and curriculum preferences. Once again, it is important to note that your degree from an online school will not allow you to become a licensed naturopathic physician.

Complete the coursework. Once you have enrolled in the program it is time to complete the coursework. Since many programs are self-paced, you can decide on a schedule that works for you. Each school has its own methods for grading papers and tests. Some may allow you to submit work online, while others will have you mail in documents. Once you have completed all the requirements, you will be granted a degree in naturopathy.


If you live in a state that licenses naturopaths, you cannot call yourself a naturopath unless you have completed the licensing process. Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Kansas and California license naturopaths. Traditional naturopaths in these states often refer to themselves as natural health professionals or some other title. Practicing naturopathy in any form is illegal in Alabama and South Carolina.



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