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How to Be Successful at Work, According to DJ Khaled

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If you weren't a follower of DJ Khaled's early music career, you definitely know who he is by now. Khaled was initially well-known in the music industry as one of the top hip-hop DJs and producers. But in 2016, he exploded in popularity, using Snapchat to constantly share words of wisdom, outlandish clips and tiny glimpses into his life: the importance of using cocoa butter, staying hydrated with coconut water and normal water, consuming green apples daily, getting weekly pedicure and manicures, and (most importantly) watering his copious amount of plants.

To follow him is to love him.

It's difficult to pin down why DJ Khaled is so endearing, but when you look at his life and the amount of success he has attained over the years, one starts to think that maybe he has tapped into some secret that most of us haven't unlocked.

Although his personality is over the top, people can connect with him because he can relate to the everyday worker in ways that Fortune 500 CEOs are not able to. Between advancing from eviction with only $20 to his name to "living his best life," DJ Khaled has some lessons to help you be successful at work.

Develop a Vocabulary of Affirmative Language

Having an arsenal of positive affirmations to say to yourself throughout the day will inspire you more than negative words can. If you're always saying what you can't do, what you're not capable of, or even negating yourself before you try, this will show in your performance on the job.

Khaled's words of affirmation are short and sweet like "Anotha One," “Journey to More Success,” and "Bless Up," but you can adapt them to your liking. You may feel inexperienced in your career, find yourself comparing your work to other colleagues or second-guessing yourself, but if you write these phrases (or your own) down in spots that are visible to you throughout the day or add a reminder on your phone, you'll notice that your mindset will change.

When you're stressed and feel like nothing is going right, instead of saying negative things to yourself, try using affirmative language. This can help you get that raise you want, perform better on your current projects, or even give you the courage to find your true calling. Over time you will see that your outlook and surroundings will start to change for the better.

Maintain Positive Relationships

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but the importance of maintaining positive relationships is just as significant. And just because you're a master networker doesn't mean you're good at maintaining relationships. It's easy to go to a networking event, send an email, or rely on mutual connections. But if you don't spend time fostering your relationships, or even maintaining the current ones you have, then constantly trying to make new connections is not going to be fruitful.

If you follow Khaled on his social media platforms, you know that he often uses the same artists in his music, grants interviews to the same outlets, and surrounds himself with the same group of people. Twice Khaled has used Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper in two smash hits. All he had to do was call them up, and they were willing to jump on the tracks. That's because he's a master at maintaining relationships.

While it's crucial to regularly network, it's also essential to build up a tight circle of people you can always count on and call on. This isn't to say that you shouldn't seek opportunities to network, but sometimes fostering ongoing relationships is more beneficial then a Rolodex of people you haven't spoken to since your college internship.

Ignore "They"

Khaled is known for preaching the importance of ignoring "they" – a general term assigned to people in your life who constantly try to knock you off course. They make fun of your dreams, try to convince you that things are impossible, or even brush you off. "They" can be anyone from family, to supposed friends, colleagues, professors, or the cashier at your favorite cafe. They're the naysayers. Some of the "they" don't mean to be negative, but nonetheless Khaled constantly expresses the importance of not listening to "they." You're in control of your own career destiny. Letting these people set you back will only prevent you from achieving your goals.

Be Your Own Hype Woman/Man

The reason I believe people love Khaled so much is that he spends his days hyping himself up. Being humble, not bragging, and hustling in silence is often instilled into us, but Khaled employs a philosophy that's all about self-motivation. While trying not to seem braggy or rude, people forget to be proud of their accomplishments. If anything, lamenting about one's shortcomings is commonplace in today's society.

Khaled tries to let his followers know that playing down your achievements is exactly what "they" want you to do. Misery loves company, and misery definitely feeds off of negativity. If you are surrounded by people that are always being negative, it's important to be your own light.

You are the DJ of your success after all.