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How to Ask for a Job Over the Phone

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When hunting for a job, sometimes simply browsing in the classifieds or on the Internet is not enough. Calling potential employers can help you get your foot in the door during times when an employer may not be actively soliciting applicants. Taking that additional step to call shows initiative, confidence and determination while also giving you the opportunity to make direct contact with much-desired employers.

Call the company’s public phone number. Ask the operator for the name and title of the hiring manager in the department within which you would like to work. Double-check to ensure you have the correct spelling of the name.

Send a cover letter and resume to the hiring manager prior to calling. This formal introduction will make the hiring manager more likely to take your call later on. Allow approximately five business days for your letter to arrive.

Call the company’s public phone number again and ask to be transferred to the hiring manager.

Introduce yourself to the hiring manager and remind them of your recent letter. If they seem busy, ask if there is a better time at which you can call back.

Briefly inform the hiring manager of your related experiences, education and knowledge.

Ask the hiring manager if there is a time when you can come by for an interview. If they say that there are no openings, ask them if there is a time when you can come in for a short meeting to learn about the company, the department and the field. Be persistent, but respectful. The request for a meeting will show your eagerness and the meeting itself will allow the employer to get to know you more, increasing your chances of being a viable job candidate.


When calling about a job or when having a phone interview, it is best to use a land line rather than a cell phone to ensure that the call does not become dropped.


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