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How to Apply to Off-Shore Oil Rig Jobs

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Major oil companies conduct business and drilling operations in countries around the world. Working offshore presents opportunities for continued growth, both personally and professionally. You will travel, work and possibly live in another country. Offshore oil rigs require the talents and expertise of drilling and completion engineers, subsea intervention engineers, and drill site managers, as well as roustabouts, roughnecks, crane operators, cooks and maintenance personnel. Entry-level positions can pay up to $50,000 per year for a drill platform roustabout. Other professional offshore oil exploration positions pay up to $300,000 per year. Research opportunities, apply and persist, and you too can join the thousands of workers that make an exceptional income working on offshore oil rigs.

Begin a strenuous exercise program and endeavor to get in the best physical shape possible. Employment on an offshore oil rig is demanding, dangerous work that requires strength and endurance. Duties include heavy lifting, pulling and pushing of drill pipe and oil field supplies. Agility, dexterity, balance and stamina are required. You may experience the worst of weather extremes. Offshore drilling platforms may be in locations that are subject to tropical hurricanes or fierce Arctic gales. Oil industry employers require a stringent physical examination that includes a spinal X-ray and drug screening.

Update your resume to focus on the life experience, academic achievements and professional accomplishments that are applicable to the position you seek. Rigworker is a Internet resource for all types of offshore oil industry positions and posts links to the major oil companies that have drilling operations in place in locations all around the world. Each project and its requirements are explained in detail. Go to rigworker.com to create a resume page that is then forwarded to employers that are in need of workers with your qualifications.

Visit Off Shore Marine, an offshore oil field recruitment website that sends daily free alerts about offshore oil field employment opportunities. Search their job openings, use their resources for creating an oil field worker resume and fill out a candidate registration form on oil-offshore-marine.com.

Use the Internet to expand your job search. The Internet allows you to look for offshore oil rig employment throughout the United States and across international borders. The Internet gives you access to resources, websites and opportunities you may not have known were available. Register and post your resume on job boards such as Monster, Flex Jobs, Just Jobs, Career Builder and Hot Jobs. Search the Internet for additional job boards that focus on specialized oil industry positions that match your career goals and qualifications.