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How Much Money Does a Facialist Make?

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The opportunities for a facialist in the skin care and spa industry are growing every year. Facialists and estheticians provide a variety of services for clients, including skin evaluation, facial massage, chemical peels, extractions and cleaning, and often consult with people regarding home care and beauty and health products. As the level of skill, expertise, specialization, and reputation can vary greatly, along with other factors, the salaries for facialists can also differ significantly.

General Salary Ranges

As of 2009, there were around 28,210 skin care specialists working in the U.S, making an average salary of $31,990 a year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The least qualified and experienced may have earned wages in the bottom 10th percentile, making less than $16,310 a year. The most qualified and experienced likely fell into the top 10th percentile, brining in over $51,590 annually. Most facialists, however, probably earned between $20,240 and $40,380 a year, representing the middle 50th percentile.

Location of the Job

Salaries can be heavily influenced by the area in which a facialist works, perhaps due to cost of living or need for the service. According to the report, facialists in Arizona, Utah and Rhode Island made less than the national average, between $28,920 and $29,270 a year. The lowest paying state in the report was Nevada at only $24,880 annually. However, Maine, Kansas and California all reported average annual salaries between $36,790 and $37,900. The two highest paying states in the U.S. in 2009 were Colorado and Washington, which paid facialists $38,240 and $38,650 a year, respectively.


The vast majority of facialists in 2009 were employed by personal care services businesses, such as health spas, and earned $30,920 a year on average. Around 2,470 were working in the offices of phsicians, earning $38,020 a year on average. The lowest paying employers on the report were health and personal care stores, where facialists earned $29,590 a year. According to the bureau, the highest paying employers were general medical and surgical hospitals. There were very few positions available across the country, but facialists earned $39,910 a year on average.


The level of qualifications for facialists can vary greatly, but many learned their craft through cosmetology school. During formal education, they study multiple aspects of skin care and health and receive hands-on training. Upon completion of an accredited program, facialists typically take a state licensing exam, including written, practical and oral questioning.


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