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The Average Salary of a Self-Employed Handyman

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If you are good at repairing or building things and enjoy taking on odd jobs, the work of a self-employed handyman could be worth looking into. According to a September 2010 survey, these workers can earn decent incomes, with the opportunity to top $40,000 annually after five years.

Level of Experience

According to one September 2010 survey, handymen who have at least five years of experience in the field can expect to earn between $19,275 and $40,521 annually. After working as a self-employed handyman for at least a decade, your earnings could range between $24,242 and $48,929 per year.

Pay by State

Geography can make a difference in pay when it comes to self-employed handymen. The same survey found that handymen working in the state of Georgia were earning some of the highest incomes, ranging between $22,000 and $78,500 each year. Using your handyman skills in the state of Florida may net the lowest salary, with those workers reporting top incomes of $30,000 a year.

Area of Work

The type of jobs you take on as a self-employed handyman could determine what you can earn. Working in residential repair, handymen are reporting earning between $23,987 and $36,000 a year. For those doing primarily home-improvement jobs, the lowest-earners reported incomes of $19,653, but the higher earners reported topping out at $36,625.


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