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How Much Does an Astrologist Make?

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An astrologist is a professional who studies and interprets relationships between humans and the world in general using the stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Some might consider this profession alternative science; however, many individuals have managed to turn it into a very lucrative career option. Like other professions, salaries vary according to location and experience.

Average Salary

According to the Simply Hired website, astrologists bring home an annual salary of $42,000, as of this publication. This number may vary according to the geographical location and experience of the astrologist. It may also depend on whether the astrologist is employed by a larger company, has his own business or works as a freelancer, in which case the salary may fluctuate in either direction.

Salary By State

Astrologist salaries also vary by state. For example, an astrology professional in Florida may bring in an average annual salary of $38,000, while an astrologist in Michigan may pull down $44,000. In Oregon, the salary of an astrologist hovers around $41,000, while in New Jersey, salaries may be as high as $49,000 per year. In California, they make around $47,000 annually.

Salary By City

Where an astrologist lives within a state is also a factor. In Miami, this star-centric professional may bring home $41,000 annually, but moving north to the capital city of Tallahassee, Florida may bring a pay cut of $3,000, making just $39,000 annually. In Peoria, Illinois, an astrologist may bring home $38,000, while a move to Chicago bumps the up $8,000 to $46,000.

Hourly Wages

Astrologists that work freelance or even for their own businesses may sometimes charge by the hour. In Seattle, astrologists may charge $26 per hour, while in Honolulu, that rate might be around $22 per hour. In Kansas City, Missouri, the average hourly rate for astrologists is $21, while in Atlanta, it is around $22 hourly.