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How Long is Army Boot Camp?

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Army boot camp is a 10-week intensive training program. During Army boot camp, your endurance level will be tested as you will have to become physically fit. During this time, you will also develop an understanding of military objectives and a sense of confidence and trust in yourself and your boot camp peers.

What is Army Boot Camp?

Army boot camp is considered basic training for this branch of the military. The basic training prepares recruits for the journey they are about to endure. Having a challenging boot camp results in individuals becoming stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

How Long is Army Boot Camp?

Army boot camp is an intense program that's broken down into 10 weeks. The timeline consists of the following:

Week One - Recruits learn rules and regulations, the chain of command and other aspects that come along with the process of being in the Army.

Week Two - This is the week direction is taken and recruits are assigned a drill sergeant. Although this week will be filled with first aid and map reading, your mental and physical endurance will also be challenged and tested.

Week Three - Your third week consists of relying on a teammate to face mental and physical challenges for simulated combat scenarios.

Week Four - During the fourth week of training, you will be learning about weapons and how to shoot a rifle.

Week Five - After learning about weapons the previous week, you will take your new-found knowledge and have to pass a Basic Rifle Marksmanship Qualification Course. You will also be required to pass the Fit to Win Obstacle Course.

Week Six - It's all about trust and teammates this week. You will develop tools on how to count on fellow trainees, along with confidence building and trust exercises.

Week Seven - Between foot marching, live fire exercises, hand grenade training and physical fitness testing, this week will keep you active.

Week Eight - This week is reserved for expanding on combat skills and maintaining physical fitness.

Week Nine - Everything you've learned so far is going to be put to the test, involving a three-day field retreat to Victory Forge. Pay close attention, as this is the final test to prove you can be a United States Army soldier.

Week 10 - The first leg of your Army journey finally ends here, and your family and friends can watch you graduate.

How Much Money Can You Make in Basic Training?

The pay can vary, and it's best to talk with your recruiter before signing up so you have a clear understanding. Usually, the pay is around $1,491 per month. Payments are sent bi-monthly and can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Can You Fail Basic Training in the Army?

Yes, it's possible to fail basic training. In fact, about 15 percent of recruits end up failing every year. If you refused to be helped or cannot commit to the basic training requirements, you may end up failing. Additionally, if you don't give the physical or mental testing your all, you will fail. You have to join the Army for the right reasons to succeed.

What Happens After Army Boot Camp?

After completing the Army boot camp, there will be a graduation ceremony to celebrate the success of each individual. You will get to see your family before you head out to Advanced Individual Training (AIT). This next training step will be more of a hands-on approach, teaching the skills needed to perform a range of specific jobs in the Army. Work ethic and discipline will also be emphasized in this stage of training.