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How Long Does It Take to Get a New York Nursing License by Endorsement?

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Licensed practical and registered nurses who already hold a license from another state can qualify for a license in New York through the state's endorsement licensing program. This program allows nurses to gain a New York license without having to retake a licensing examination. The amount of time it takes to earn an endorsement license in New York varies based on numerous factors, most of which are beyond applicants' control.

Required Training

All prospective New York nurses must complete a state-approved course in identifying the signs of child abuse. The course is offered through classroom-based course and self-study online format. The class takes about 3.25 hours to complete. Prospective registered nurses in New York must also take a state-approved class in HIV and Hepatitis B infection control. The class lasts about 3.25 hours and is also available online and in classrooms. Nurses who choose a classroom course may experience delays in licensing until classes are offered again in their areas.

Nursing Verification

Applicants for a New York endorsement license must have verification of their nursing credentials sent to the New York State Board of Nursing directly from the boards that issued their credentials. Some boards of nursing accept verification requests through an online system called NURSYS. Candidates whose licenses come from NURSYS-participating steps simply complete an online form on a website sponsored by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. NURSYS then forwards the request to the states, which complete the verification and mail it to New York. Nurses with licenses from non-participating states must contact the boards to find out how to request a verification. The New York State Board of Nursing will not issue an endorsement license until the verification is received, and out-of-state boards can take different amounts of time in processing requests.


All applicants for a New York license by endorsement must complete an application, which is available from the New York State Board of Nursing's website. The application must be notarized before its return. LPN candidates must include a copy of their high school diplomas or GEDs with the application. Both LPNs and RNs must also request to have an official transcript from their nursing degree, diploma or certificate programs sent to the board. Depending on how long it takes for schools to mail the requested transcripts, delays in processing are possible as the board waits for the documentation.

Background Check

The New York State Board of Nursing conducts a criminal and personal history background check on all endorsement applicants. Candidates with a history of criminal convictions may be ineligible for licensing depending on the nature of their crimes. In addition, any applicant found to have had disciplinary action taken against them in another state for patient abuse or neglect cannot receive an endorsement license. Delays in processing of the license are possible while the board waits for the background check results. If an investigation of findings becomes necessary, further delays are likely.


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