How Does an Insurance Agent Spend a Workday?

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New Business

An insurance agent is responsible for selling automotive, life, health, casualty and other types of insurance. No matter what type of insurance an agent represents, he typically spends part of the workday in search of new business. Meeting with prospective clients over the phone or in person includes an explanation of how the agent can customize an insurance policy to meet the specific needs of the client. Discussions regarding premiums, payment plans and claim forms are integral to an insurance agent's daily schedule. An insurance agent may also be required to inspect property to assess whether or not it is a good insurance risk. Explaining the features of various policies offered and assisting a new client with all of the necessary paperwork is another part of an insurance agent's workday.

Assisting Existing Clients

Once the policies are sold, an insurance agent is responsible for ensuring that his client's fulfill any medical exams or other obligations that may be part of the insurance coverage. He also maintains contact with clients by explaining and assisting with the claims process. Part of an insurance agent's workday will include monitoring the claims process for one or more clients, ensuring that the underwriter has everything necessary to complete the claims process smoothly, and troubleshooting any claims issues that may arise. Staying on top of policy renewals is another important part of an insurance agent's workday. Contacting existing customers when their policies are about to expire to discuss any changes in their circumstances keeps a successful insurance agent busy.

Researching Industry Standards

Customizing policies for each client requires that an insurance agent be aware of changes in the industry as well as the types of coverage offered by his competitors. Some agents work for one insurance company, while others act as independent brokers and refer clients to the insurance company with the best coverage for their needs. Part of an insurance agent's workday includes researching the various options available to clients. This may require special seminars or meetings designed to educate an agent on current industry standards. Other daily duties include correspondence, record maintenance and other administrative activities. Networking to find new contacts within the industry and new clients is another necessary part of an insurance agent's workday, especially if he is operating his own brokerage business. Establishing contacts within the industry is secondary only to developing new client business for the insurance agent who is also an entrepreneur.