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How Do Telecommuting Jobs at United Health Care Work?

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Visit and click on the employment link to find telecommute positions available (see Resources). Many times, positions will not specifically list telecommuting as an option because there is an in-house requirement that must be met first. If multiple states are listed, this could be a sign the position is telecommute eligible. You must meet the minimum requirements to qualify, and many people apply for the telecommute positions, so competition is fierce.


Most positions with United Health Care will require training before telecommuting becomes an option. In many cases, training lasts 6 to 8 weeks to ensure employees are informed and capable of working on their own.


The telecommuting schedule at United Health Care will depend on the job, but, in many cases, you may work from home but not have the flexibility to care for children, run errands or any other activity. Most of the positions require you to be online or on the phone the entire shift except for your lunch and breaks. You won’t be able to create your own schedule when telecommuting for United Health Care.

Types of Jobs

Not all jobs with United Health Care are available for telecommute. Most of the jobs are professional positions, including IT positions and nurse call center positions.

Home Office

When an employee qualifies for a telecommute position and can work from home, the employee must have a home office for work. Many times United Health Care will provide a computer, phone line, Internet connection and other necessary office equipment, but this is not always the case. Regardless of whether the employee or employer provide the home office, this is a requirement for telecommute positions with United Health Care.


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