What Are the Benefits of Being an Accountant?

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Accounting Offers a Wide Variety of Career Choices

Accountants can pursue a wide variety of interesting careers. If you decide that you don't like the first one you choose, you can change. Options are as diverse as operating a small accounting business from your home to serving as an auditor of international subsidiaries for a major corporation, allowing you to travel the globe.

Calculate Your Own Expenses and Income Taxes

Paying for monthly bookkeeping services, payroll services, and income tax returns can be cost prohibitive for a small business or family. As an accountant, you are able to do all of this yourself. You do not need to trust your livelihood, investments and hard-earned income to someone with nothing invested to lose. You are able to take every precaution and possible deduction to maximize your wealth. Acting as your own accountant, you eliminate the possibility of anyone embezzling your funds.

Make Informed Investment or Business Decisions

You make investments, purchases, and business decisions to increase your profits and minimize the income tax consequences for your family or business. As an accountant, you will have a thorough understanding of the tax ramifications of all personal or business expenditures and purchases. You will know what investment and business pursuits to follow that can nearly eliminate your tax liability while still providing quite well for your family or company.

Join Professional Associations

Professional associations are available for accountants to join where they can meet their peers for friendship, advice, support and career recognition. These professional associations offer prestige and recognition to accounting careers as well as offering ongoing training, certification and career assistance. Some are devoted to professional development of specific minority groups. Others provide research, fraud prevention and help to identify white-collar crime. Still other associations are committed to technological guidance and regulations.

People Respect You

In the business world, people seek your advice and show respect for your answers on a wide range of issues. As an accountant, you ensure that businesses keep accurate financial records, taxes are paid on time and businesses are run efficiently. You are in charge of department budgets, product cost control, approving a company's records or filling out an individual's tax return. You lead meetings because you control company finances. A company's future may depend on your approval or disapproval of their accounting records.