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How to Wear Dreads at Work

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The earliest method for creating dreadlocks was simply to let the hair grow without combing it. Eventually, the hair tangles into long, twisted ropes of matted hair. However, this process can take years. Today’s dreadlock-sporting individuals can gain their dreads by using a much shorter process that included backcombing and special wax. Dreadlocks are attention-grabbing and often reflect personality and beliefs, but this unusual hairstyle can cause problems in the workplace if it is not maintained properly.

Check the dress code at your workplace before getting dreads. If the dress code prohibits dreadlocks, you’ll need to discuss the issue with your manager, pick another hairstyle or get a different job that has a less strict dress code.

Keep your style simple. Even simple dreads will make a statement about your personality and style, and it will be easier to maintain a professional appearance.

Tie your dreads so they don’t hang in your face. Unless your job is completely removed from customer service, keep your locks tied at the nape of your neck, or tuck loose strands behind your ears.

Implement additional hair-containing techniques as necessary. Many food-service employers allow their employees to sport dreadlocks as long as they keep their dreads fully contained. Some employers require that your hair stay in a ponytail and under a visor at all times, while others may require you to wear a full hair cap.