How to Adjust Hay Baler Knotters

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A hay baler is a piece of farm equipment that processes hay, straw and similar debris into more manageable size for transport and storage. These are referred to as bales, which can be block-shaped or rolls. As the debris is processed, it is moved along a belt or rollers to be shaped into its final form and secured with twine or netting. The machine typically uses a hooking and knotting mechanism to fasten the bales. Sometimes problems occur in the knotting process. Regular care and inspection of a hay baler can help optimize its continued performance.

Inspect the bill hook for damage if the knot did not strip off the bill hook. A rough, worn or bent bill hook can impede or prevent proper baler performance. Replace a damaged bill hook.

Tighten the twine disc per the manufacturer's instructions if the twine is pulled out of the twine disc. Decrease the twine box tension. Check for debris that might be obstructing the twine.

Loosen the twine disc per manufacturer's instructions if the twine in the knot is ragged. This can be caused by the twine disc tension being too high. If the disc tension is too high, it can prevent the bill hook from borrowing twine during the knotting cycle.