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How to Be a Reading Tutor

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There are a variety of reasons to consider becoming a reading tutor. According to the U.S. Department of Education, becoming a tutor provides an opportunity for community service, builds interpersonal skills and enhances values such as responsibility, trustworthiness and patience. Whatever your reasoning and purpose for becoming a reading tutor, in order to be successful and enjoy your career, you must first enjoy reading. Tutoring is an excellent way to give back to your community and touch the lives of future generations in a positive manner.

Obtain the necessary training and education to become a tutor. Reading tutors need to be exceptional readers and have a thorough understanding of literature, literary terms and standards. You will need to be prepared to teach literary elements appropriate for the age level you will be tutoring. You will also need to be prepared to utilize various techniques to help struggling readers with comprehension and reading skills.

Contact local schools to find out about reading tutor positions in your community. School administrators may also consider promoting your tutor services amongst reading faculty in their district. Schools may also provide extensive training for reading tutors which can increase your marketability and tutoring skills and knowledge.

Create a schedule with parents, teachers and/or students for tutoring sessions. Student schedules will vary with each student’s lifestyle and extra-curricular activities. Be prepared to schedule your important errands and events, as well as general daily schedule, around your students' tutoring schedules.

Advertise your tutoring services. Place an ad in your local newspaper to advertise tutoring services. Try networking with family and friends using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your tutoring services. Utilize free web resources such as Blogger and Wordpress to create a free blog as a go-to spot for information about your tutoring schedule and services.

Create a welcoming and comforting tutoring environment. Depending on where you plan to tutor students, you will need to ensure your students feel comfortable and inspired to read. Learn how to make any area inviting and warm, conducive for learning. If you are unable to use your home, places such as the library, coffeehouses and bookstores offer a great atmosphere for reading.

Commit yourself to tutoring your students for the entire school year. Students thrive with dependability and routine. Once they are comfortable learning with you, their learning and responsiveness will increase, leading to improvement in reading and overall performance in school.