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How to Get a CNA Sponsorship

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If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but lack the funds to pay the tuition cost of a certification program, consider the option of seeking a sponsorship from a CNA employer, usually a large nursing home or extended care facility. In exchange for promising to work for a specified period after your graduation from the program, the employer pays your tuition to complete CNA schooling. Some larger employers hold the CNA classes at their facility. Students taught skills and then demonstrate adequacy, are often allowed to practice those skills with the facility residents.

Contact local CNA schools to determine which area employers offer sponsorship under what circumstances; obtain contact information and the upcoming class schedules.

Apply for employment with a sponsoring employer. Make clear your intention to participate in the employer's sponsorship program. Sign the employer's written contract promising to work for the company for the months required following your graduation.

Pass the criminal background check required of all health care workers, which is part of your employment application.

Once accepted, attend all classes and study. Apply your lessons to the patients you care for during the clinical part of your day.

Complete your state's CNA certification examination following your graduation.

Complete your obligatory length of employment with the employer who sponsored your tuition.


You will still be responsible for the cost of your books and the fee for your certification examination after graduation, unless you negotiate payment or reimbursement for these costs with your sponsor before the program begins.


Do not attempt to renege on your promise to work for your sponsor after graduation. It reflects poorly on your dependability to other, possible employers.


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