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How to Get a Job at a Toll Booth

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Becoming a toll booth collector can be a great customer service job. It can be fairly easy as you collect fees from people who use bridges, ferries, and tunnels. You will find that many of the toll booth jobs can be obtained with little experience. Along with 8 to 12 hour shifts, becoming a toll booth collector can be a great job.

Get a Job at a Toll Booth

Fill out an job application for a toll booth collector position. Contact your local or state government to find out where to apply for the toll booth job.

Test and meet all requirements. For the position of toll collector typically you must be at least 18 years old and have some form of customer service experience. Next you must take a civil service exam to test your math and English skills, all needed skills for working in a toll booth.

Pass a drug test.

Submit to a background check. The background check is essential for being selected for this position. You will be dealing with large amounts of money, so it is important that you do not have a criminal background.

Pass the interview process. Now that you have passed the background check and drug screening, your goal of working at a toll booth is close. Present yourself well to the employer and you may become a toll collector.


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