How to Get Certified as a Quality Control Manager in Construction

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Construction managers oversee parts of or entire construction projects, ensure on-time and on-budget completion and also ensure the quality and safety of the project. Construction professionals seeking to enhance their quality control knowledge and skills may pursue professional certifications such as the Certified Construction Manager (CCM) from the Construction Management Association of America. The American Society for Quality (ASQ) also offers quality control credentials, such as the Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE). The CCM specifically targets construction management professionals while the CMQ/QE targets professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Certified Construction Manager: Construction Management Association of America

Meet the minimum experience and education requirements. Candidates must have at least four years as construction managers and possess a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree. Eligibility extends to individuals with relevant associate’s degrees and four years related experience or those with no degree and eight years related experience. Construction managers in the latter two eligibility categories must also have at least four years in construction management.

Complete the application process which includes providing documentation of your qualifying construction management experience.

Take the CCM examination upon receiving approval of your candidacy from the Construction Manager Certification Institute.

Achieve a passing score that meets the minimum range of 70 to 78% accuracy.

Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification: American Society for Quality

Meet the minimum experience criteria within the established body of knowledge for the certification. Areas of expertise include leadership challenges, strategic planning and project management. Candidates must possess at least ten years relevant experience and may apply relevant education towards the experience requirement.

Prepare to take the certification exam. ASQ provides guidelines and several resources to assist candidates in their exam preparation.

Register for the exam. The CQM/OE exam takes place a few times per year with available dates in the spring and offerings in October.

Take the exam. ASQ’s scoring strategy does not inform candidates of their score, but rather informs them whether they passed by demonstrating competence in their chosen area. ASQ allows the opportunity to retest for those who do not pass the exam.