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How to Tell Your Boss You Are Unhappy

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When you are unhappy at work, with your boss or your coworkers, it can be difficult to be a productive member of the team. Learning to communicate your unhappiness allows you to make changes within the workplace so that you can become more stable in your work environment. Communicating your unhappiness can be a daunting task, but the results often help to improve your working condition.

Compile a list of the things that you want to change at your workplace. Write down anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you think could be done in a more effective manner.

Write down the amount of work that you do daily. Keep an activity log and write down the tasks you participate in, the projects you complete and the people you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Consult with your human resources manager. Many human resources managers can provide advice on how to approach your boss, ways to work better within your workday, training resources and practical company policy advice. The human resources manager will keep the conversation confidential.

Request a meeting with your boss and the human resources manager. Explain the way you are feeling, what you would like to accomplish, (such as a lighter work load, or more flexible hours) and how you can continue to become a productive and effective member of the work team. The human resources manager can offer suggestions to both sides, take notes and mediate if there is any conflict.

Follow up on the meeting by documenting the results in an email or a letter to the human resources manager and your boss. Notify the management team of any changes and how you've adjusted to meet both your needs and their needs. Thank the management team for assisting you with the problem.