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How to Apply Online for the Civil Service Exam

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Depending on which state you will be taking the civil service exam in, you may be able to apply online instead of in person. This will register you and reserve your spot the day of the exam. You will want to check with your local government office to make sure you have the ability to apply online for the exam. Some states do not have this option and you will need to go to your local government office ahead of time to apply for the exam.

How to Apply Online for the Civil Service Exam

Locate your state's local government webpage online. Most goverment pages will have a section on their webpage that outlines the civil service exam and in this section you will be able to apply for the exam if your state allows this. If you are unable to find the information on your own, you can either contact the government office using the contact information on the webpage or you can search the webpage for the information you are looking for if the main page has a search bar available.

Read the eligibility requirements that are included on your state's webpage. This will usually include the dates and times for the upcoming exams to make sure you are available the day of the exam as well as any age or education requirements that your state follows. You will also find information on any identification or paperwork you need to bring with you the day of the exam in order to be elligible to enter the exam room.

Click on the section of the webpage that will begin the application process. Sometimes you will need to begin the process by choosing which day and time you want to take the exam or you may just be taken to a general application where you will fill in the day and time you wish to take the exam later on.

Enter your personal information which will usually include name, birthday, address, phone number, social security number, previous employment information and references. Make sure you review this information to make sure you entered everything correctly.

Confirm and verify the information you have entered is correct by agreeing to the terms of service or electronically signing your name on the application. Normally, on paper, you would sign and date your name, but when you apply online you will often be asked to verify your information is truthful in another way.

Enter your credit card information when prompted. There is usually a fee for applying for the civil service exam and you will be required to enter your billing information after you have applied. After you pay the fee, your application will automatically be sent on to the appropriate party in charge of the exam.

Print out the confirmation page you will be taken to once you are done paying for the application. You will want to take this with you to the exam to show proof you applied and the process was successful.