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How to Build a Relationship With Your Coworkers

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You see these people for eight, ten or even twelve hours in a day, sharing personal details, work space and even assignments. Your coworkers can make work more (or less) enjoyable depending on how good your relationship is. A strained relationship can lead to diminished productivity while a healthy relationship can lead to personal growth and a positive work environment. However, building relationships requires both work and respect not just on your part but on the part of your coworker as well.

Show respect toward all your coworkers. Respect provides a foundation for building positive relationships. When you show your coworkers respect, you see the differences in their opinions, work habits and beliefs, preventing any negative discussion or offensive conversations that can strain your relationship.

Display a positive attitude. A positive attitude helps provides a good atmosphere in your workplace.. Negative comments and conversations make the work environment less bearable, while a positive attitude makes work easier and tasks more enjoyable.

Discuss any problem you have with a coworker in private. Tell the coworker that you want to discuss something in private. Private conversations allow you to interact with your coworker about an issue that is bothering you without letting the whole department know about your problems.

Help coworkers whenever possible. Providing your knowledge and expertise in an area outside your job description is helpful to your coworker and to yourself. Your helpfulness will likely be reciprocated when you find yourself stuck on a task.

Practice being an active listener. No one likes to be ignored. By paying attention to the subtle details about a coworker's likes and dislikes you will pick up tips how to get along with this person. In addition, being an active listener will help provide solutions to problems coworkers may face in their personal life and work environment.