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How to Find Real Estate Cleaning Jobs

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As long as people live in houses and there are real estate agents who want presentable houses to sell, your cleaning business will always have an opportunity to land real estate cleaning jobs. After a home is foreclosed, sometimes the previous owners leave the house in a mess. Banks and real estate agents can’t present these houses to new buyers if they are not clean. They will hire a crew to make the house presentable.

Determine Your Focus

Decide on what cleaning jobs you want, such as clean foreclosed properties, bank-owned properties, commercial properties, or new construction. Decide whether you will work as a contractor or if you will join a cleaning company as a regular employee.

Determine Your Worth

Know what you’re worth so that you can negotiate sufficient pay. Check publications and reports by your state’s department of labor. They compile reports about income by industry so you can base your expected pay.

Get Licensed

Establish your business with appropriate licenses. Register your name. Create a brief company profile and distribute it with business cards at real estate brokers offices. Introduce yourself. Briefly explain that you are available for cleaning homes before and after open houses as well as foreclosures, rentals and new construction.

Get the Word Out

Send out emails to real estate agents in your area. Search for their listings and information in the Sunday and Friday and Saturday newspapers when the most real estate listings are posted.

Get Registered

Register with temporary agencies that have cleaning positions. They can find you temporary work. Edit your resume so that it highlights your cleaning experience. Fax or email your resume. Schedule an interview with the hiring managers. Fill out applications online of companies with solid reputations in the cleaning industry. For example, ABM Industries hires cleaning contractors throughout the country.

Get Noticed

Search online job boards that are dedicated to janitorial positions, as well as free services like Craigslist. Sign up for an account and post your services. For job websites, upload your resume and respond to job postings. Get your company listed in local business directories including the Chamber of Commerce, Yellow Pages, Google Places and Manta.

Get Out to See Potential Clients

Visit construction companies and ask to speak with the foreman. Explain to the foreman that as soon as the construction is completed that he can call you to clean up the place. Print flyers and pass them around in the community. Promote that you are available for foreclosure cleanup. Leave your contact number on the flyer.


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