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How to Get a State of Florida Security Agency Manager License

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Security guard agency managers working in the state of Florida are expected to have a clean background and managerial experience. The safety of the people you are hired to protect is based on your competence as a manager. Before putting you in the position where your decisions could get someone hurt or save them from an unfortunate event, the state of Florida expects you to complete a thorough application screening.

Download the application from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing website. You can also contact the regional office near you and request a copy be mailed to you

Locate the Class M MA MB MR Agency Manager License row on the Department of Agriculture’s website. Click the file size and wait for the application to download.

Read the instructions thoroughly. MB is the code for security agency manager. Double check that you quality. After 2009, any new applicants must have 2 years of verifiable security related experience, one year of law enforcement training or equivalent studies and a year of managerial experience.

Print the application. Fill it out in black ink or type in the answer. Stay within the boxes given. Review the state laws on security agencies and private investigators because you will need to pass an examination on this information.

Schedule the Class M licensing examination. Tests are scheduled twice a month on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Test times are between 1pm and 4pm. Call the regional office and schedule yourself a seat at the next exam.

Bring the $100 examination fee and a state issued identification card. Dress comfortably and expect to spend two hours or more testing.

Take a color photograph of yourself. The state of Florida requires high resolution photographs the same size as a passport photo. Passport photos are two inches by two inches. Use a light colored background. Don’t mark the photograph in any way on the front of back. Do not glue it to your application.

Report to the regional branch of the Department of Agriculture to pick up a fingerprint card. The agent will walk you through the fingerprinting process.

Complete your fingerprint card. Wash your hands thoroughly before. Press your fingerprints into a fingerprint card.

Complete the back information of the fingerprint card in front of the representative. Fill in your name, company name and address and other required information. Use the return envelope attached to your fingerprint to submit your fingerprints.

Complete the rest of the application and submit it separate from your fingerprints. Deliver your application in person or mail it to: Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing Post Office Box 6687 Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6687

Pay the $75 license fee, $42 fingerprint card-processing fee and the $50 application fee. Pay with a money order, check or cashier’s check made out to Florida Department of Agriculture.

Apply for Class G License if you want to carry firearms. Download a copy from the Department of Agriculture’s website. Complete 28 hours on the firing range and complete a firearms proficiency class. Submit your application with proof of citizenship.


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