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How to Write a Statement of Merit

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The statement of merit is a concept that is used by the Canadian government when describing the qualifications needed to be successful in a federal public service position. If you have the responsibility of writing the statement of merit for a particular position, the more details you supply, the better matched the candidates who apply for the position will be. While this is a concept of the Canadian government, a statement of merit can be used to list required qualifications in almost any public service position.

Separate the statement of merit into several sections. These include the essential qualifications needed to complete the job, the asset qualifications, the operational requirements and the organizational needs.

List the essential qualifications that are required of candidates. These should be the minimum qualifications needed, such as a four year degree and three years of professional experience. These are the main categories used; education, experience, abilities and knowledge.

Add the asset qualifications. These are an expansion on the minimum requirements, and include more details about education, knowledge and experience. These are the preferred but not essential qualifications for candidates to possess. For example, while a four year degree might be required, an advanced degree might be preferred.

Include details in the operational requirements section. These are requirements for the job that do not necessarily relate to a candidate’s specific skills, experience, education and knowledge. For example, the candidate might need to work weekend shifts, split shifts or on call, or they might be required to travel.

Write the organizational needs that pertain to the position. These are the needs of the organization that the candidate will be fulfilling if given the job. For example, it might be the candidate’s responsibility to promote a certain cause within the organization, maintain membership numbers or complete performance reviews.


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