How to Make a Basic Nurses Hat From Scratch

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Nurses rarely wear hats these days, but the hats still are a universal symbol of nursing. The hats were used to keep hair neat and for a nurse to appear professional. Over time, the hat went through several transformations -- from covering the head completely to the small, basic hat that sits on the top of the head. The small version is the one you will make. You can use either fabric or paper.

Lay the paper or fabric so that the 11-inch side is horizontal. Fold the top right and left corners so they meet in the center of the paper or fabric. It should be about 2 inches from the the bottom edge of the paper or fabric. If you are using fabric, iron down the folds.

Add double-sided fabric tape to the edge of the bottom part of the fabric. Fold the bottom 2 inches up and press the tape to secure it. It will look like a sailboat.

Fold the two edges that stick out back; you will now have a triangle. Pull them back so they meet each other. Use double-sided fabric tape to stick them together.

Fold the point of the hat toward the back so that the point ends up at the bottom edge of the back of the hat. Use the double-sided fabric tape to tape it to the back of the hat. You should now have what looks like a trapezoid. Place the hat on your head and use bobby pins to secure it in place.


You can add a red cross to the front of the hat with fabric or marker. If you are using fabric, spray the edges with starch then iron them for a more-defined edge.


Children should not use the iron.