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How to Become a Librarian

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You typically need a master's degree in library science to get a position as a librarian. You might also need additional education or training if you work in certain environments, or if you plan to teach.

Educational Background

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a master of library science degree program usually takes one to two years to complete. Courses include research methods and strategies, online reference systems and organizing information. School-based librarians need a teaching license in certain states. Your state may also require that you pass the PRAXIS II Library Media Specialist exam to work in a public setting.

Skill Development

Along with education and certification, you need to build certain skills to succeed as a librarian. Technology and computer skills are important given the advanced technology that has become common in modern libraries. Excellent communication skills help you lead staff members in the library as well as interact with patrons. Librarians must also be innovative, creative and have strong decision-making skills to keep up with changing technologies and consumer demands for library books and services.


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