How to Pass the Praxis II the First Time

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The process to become a teacher involves schooling, student-teaching and knowledge assessments. One of those assessments is the Praxis II, a test conducted by Educational Testing Services (ETS) and designed to measure content area knowledge. Individuals need to pass the Praxis II to obtain teaching certification. Preparing for and taking the test can be difficult and stressful, but ETS has resources and suggestions to help testers perform at their best.

Learn what material the test will cover. ETS provides a "Test at a Glance" document on its website, for most test areas. Download and study the Test at a Glance for your particular test. The "Topics Covered" section will explain what concepts and content knowledge will appear on the test, as well as what percentage of each types of questions will appear on the test. It will also provide sample questions and correct answers.

Determine how well you know the test topics. Don't assume you will know the material well enough to pass the Praxis II just because you have taken a course on the material. You can purchase practice tests from ETS for many subjects. Each test is available in a computerized interactive version or as an eBook. Use these full-length practice tests to find out how well you might do on the actual exam. Taking the practice test will also give you information on exactly what you will need to study the most.

Gather your study materials. The Test at a Glance and the practice tests will help you determine what topics you need to study and what materials you will need. Old textbooks and notes can be helpful. You can also purchase study guides for many of the Praxis II tests.

Create a study and practice schedule, and stick to it. Select a test date that realistically gives enough time to prepare for the test. ETS suggests using a written study plan to help organize a study schedule.

Eat and sleep well before the test, but also throughout your entire study schedule. ETS suggests that eating and exercising according to your regular schedule can be physically beneficial and help reduce anxiety.

Adhere to the specific test procedures and regulations. Do not bring portable electronic devices; they may disqualify you from testing. Also, be sure to arrive on time. You may not be admitted to the test if you arrive late. Also make sure to bring your identification and admission ticket with you.

Answer every question on the test. ETS designed the Praxis II so that wrong answers won't lower the test score. If you don't know the answer, make a guess. Also, make sure you write all the answers on the appropriate answer sheet. Answers written in the test booklet or anywhere else will not be scored.